Java Snippets


This is an obsolete/abandoned project. If you wish to claim the name, you may do so. My apologies.


A collection of Unix scripts (and snippets) for randomly displaying snippets, fetching news, and RSS feeds from various sites.


These may be linked to your screensaver (phosphor) or mail client or web page etc. I have currently attached them to phosphor (my screensaver) and to mutt (my email client).

printrandom: use this as the program name in your screensaver, if you want all the scripts to be randomly executed JTIPS: use this if you want only Java tips to print LOST: use this if you want only Linux tips to print. These are from the LOST project. I've added a few of my own. Use this to add a tip to the tips collection Use this if you delete any tips and you wish to compact your directory




Content Sources

I cannot claim originality here. I have taken content from various sites and books. Some content comes from Jack Shirazi's performance tuning site (free tips).
A lot of the new content comes from tutorials and other papers on



Latest files are:
scripts-1_0a.tar.gz jtips-1_0a.tar.gz, unix-1_0a.tar.gz (updated LOST tips)

The files:
scripts.*: contains the unix scripts that should be in the path
jtips*: contains the Java tips.
others*: contains other jokes, one-liners, fortunes etc, which you may use along with, or in place of, jtips.

Download Latest Files from here


I originally used LOST for adding a random signature to my mails.
I then modifed that to pick random snippets from a Java folder, without prompting.
Then modified that to display snippets from specific folders depending on the mail recipient.
Finally I have replaced the lost file with
Then added scripts to fetch and format content, and then one to bind them all. Logo